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20's Plenty for Sway

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HCC's Residential 20 Pilot schemes

2nd February 2018. Four years on and we are still no closer. In a response to a recent request to HCC, we received the following:

"A technical review of the effectiveness of the pilot 20 mph speed limits implemented in Hampshire is currently being undertaken to identify what benefits these lower speed limits give to local residents. As part of this review an evaluation of residents living in all the pilot residential 20 mph speed limits has recently been undertaken. The outcome of the technical assessment, together with feedback from residents, will help determine future policy for 20 mph restrictions in Hampshire. These findings will be presented to the Executive Member for Transport and Environment, at the earliest opportunity.

When the outcomes of the project are known and a policy on 20 mph speed limits has been determined, this will then be used as the basis to consider requests for 20 mph restrictions which will include locations such as the network of lanes in South Sway.

With regard to your on-going commitment to road safety, keeping Hampshire’s roads safe and well maintained is a priority for the County Council. This is achieved by directing our resources towards those locations where there is evidence of injury accidents occurring and the introduction of traffic and safety measures are most likely to reduce the number of people injured on our roads. An analysis of the injury accident record for Coombe Lane, Chapel Lane, Pauls Lane and Kings Lane shows that in the current five year study period, from 1 December 2012 to 30 November 2017, there are no recorded injury accidents on this network of lanes. This is a situation which is very difficult to improve upon. As with all of the highway network that we maintain, we will continue to regularly monitor the injury accident data for this area to determine if any interventions may need to taken in the future."

Does this mean we need to have someone killed or seriously injured along our roads before action is taken to put in place sensible speed limits?

Deputation to HCC's Economy Transport and Environment Select Committee

On Tuesday 21st January 2014, I made a deputation to Hampshire County Council's Economy Transport and Environment Select Committee urging them to change HCC's policy on setting speed limits. I argued that, contrary to Department for Transport guidance, HCC fails to take into account sufficiently the concerns and desires of local residents and the needs of vulnerable road users. I also questioned why HCC are running limited 20 mph pilot schemes rather than rolling out 20 mph limits in more areas. Research into such schemes is well documented so why delay? Other authorities in the UK are already putting lots of 20 mph schemes in place. HCC is lagging behind.

Perhaps predictably, I was not successful. However a very interesting debate went on between members of the committee. This resulted in their deciding to recommend that HCC add another area, a rural one that more closely matches our environment, to their existing pilot programmes! If this recommendation is adopted, we do not know what location will be chosen although we are (as ever) ready!

Shared Lanes proposal by HCC

At the meeting of Sway Parish Council on 28 November 2013, (on the same day that Rod King was invested with his MBE) Cllr Ken Thornber along with Paul Garrod from Hampshire County Council Environment and Transport, presented their ideas to use our lanes as a pilot in a new Shared Lanes project about to start in the National Park. This is being offered to us in order to adress our concerns about safety in a shorter time frame than if we were simply to wait for a 20 mph speed limit to be granted. We will stil be eligible for consideration for a 20mph limit at some future date when the existing 20 mph pilots have been assessed.

The idea is to indicate to drivers that our lanes are shared by many different users, and that they all have equal priority.

We view this as a very positive proposal. We can still campaign for a 20 mph scheme, but this will help alleviate some of the problems in the meantime. If confirmed, this pilot is expected to start sometime between April 2014 and March 2015.

Update on this shared lanes proposal
Following a consultation with all the residents of the lanes, it has been decided not to accept Hampshire County Council's proposal for this shared lanes pilot. Only 50% of respondents were in favour and even their support was somewhat luke warm. We still hope for a 20 mph speed limit in time.

20's Plenty for Sway petition
We are busy collecting signatures for our petition. Please help us by clicking on the "Sign our petition" link above. Thank you.

Our traffic authority is currently ignoring the wishes of the overwhelming number of local residents of these lanes, so we hope that a more extensive petition will cause them to take more notice.

Major errors discovered in traffic authority report

The report prepared by our local traffic authority into the problems of traffic speeds around our lanes has recently been discovered to contain massive errors. There were nearly FOURTEEN TIMES more vehicles exceeding the speed limit around our lanes than was documented in that report. They are still investigating the cause of the error but are not inclined to review the decisions made on the basis of that report!

Unusual Present!
One of our members recently received a most unusual present. Chris, who retired recently, arrived home to find a letter box erected in his front garden in the shape of a speed camera! For a very brief period we experienced markedly lower speeds along our lane!

Pilley/Boldre meeting on Thursday June 20th 2013 at 7pm
Over 100 people attended the meeting of the Pilley/Boldre Village Speedwatch Group on Thursday, June 20th. There were 4 speakers (Ken Thornber from Hampshire County Council, Paul Garrod from Hampshire Highways, the local organiser for the Community Speedwatch Project and the chair of Boldre Parish Council). In spite ot mean 85 percentile speeds of 39 mph along the 30 mph lanes through the village, it is being left to the Community Speedwatch group to try and impove the situation using a Speed Indicator Device (SID) which is being purchased in conjunction with neighbouring parishes.

Sway Open Gardens 2013
Our Sway Open Gardens day on Sunday 9th June was a fabulous success. The weather was perfect and the 627 visitors that visited our garden seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. We gathered over 240 signatures for our petition. It could have been many more but we were completely overwhelmed by the numbers and had not thought about ensuring that more than one petition sheet could be signed at a time. A number of people wrote 2 names on one line, so further examination is required to give us a final tally.

20's plenty founder Rod King awarded MBE
Rod King, the founder of 20's Plenty for Us has been awarded an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List 2013 in recognition of his services to road safety. Click here to see the full press release.

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